Flora Sensa | Chrissie Powell
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Chrissie Powell

Creating a unorthodox, maximalist aesthetic in fashion and textiles, Chrissie is inspired by all things eccentric and full of colour.


Combining traditional weaving and sewing techniques with fantastical colours and patterns, her work reflects the uniqueness of the viewer.


She weaves small-scale woven elements by hand, hoping to add a touch of psychedelic fantasy to the world around us.



Spontaneous Chaos

On the day of my first miscarriage, I returned home from the hospital, sore and sad. At my front door sat an unexpected arrangement of native flowers, sent by a woman I greatly admired. She had been through the same thing, and as I healed, I learned the many miscarriage stories of other women I know. They knew my pain, and their compassion lent a sense of community to the trauma.


This piece represents the chaotic confusion and visceral upheaval felt throughout miscarriage, and the peace and strength lent to me by the women who had walked the path before me.