Flora Sensa | Elizabeth Bowe
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Elizabeth Bowe

Having been trained in advanced dressmaking, Elizabeth Bowe went on to spend her next years designing and making theatrical costumes for stage and screen, including frocks for Les Girls.


She later expanded her skills through attending over 50 workshops run by the Australian Forum for Textile Arts, Grampian Arts and Embroiderers Guild.


She became a Director of the Australian Forum for Textile Arts (Tafta) and continued to assist at many workshops including felting, millinery, belly dancing costumes and pattern making.


She has exhibited extensively throughout NSW and Victoria and is still a member of the Embroiderers Guild and the Blue Mountains Felters.

There’s a Spirit in my Garden

There is a spirit in my garden, this is what I often feel when I am playing in my garden; the presence of a loving spirit, smiling over my shoulder as I dig, weed and explore the large garden.


I recently moved into a 40-year-old cold climate garden in the NSW Blue Mountains. Its previous owners had showered the garden with lots of love, but due to reasons beyond their control, the garden was a little out of control.


The love that the garden shows is evident in all the stone garden edges and the huge amount of land allocated to the gardens, they surround the property and fill it in as well. While digging in the garden my partner and I often find hidden gems, it’s so exciting to come across a hidden stone path, a group of pavers with no apparent purpose, and other random objects. It stimulates lots of speculation.


The garden has mostly cold climate plants. Hundreds of bulbs keep coming up all year round. It is delightful to witness how the cold, wet, heat and sun all play their part in during the seasonal cycles. There are still plants, trees and bulbs that I do not know the names of, and as the years bring different seasonal conditions, different plants emerge from the soil and blossom into garden stars.


While I am busy in the garden I often, feel the “presence” of the previous owners, their love and enjoyment for the garden. I have the feeling that they are smiling at all the effort and love we are now investing into this lovely rewarding garden.