Flora Sensa | Ellen King
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Ellen King

My felting journey began about six years ago after retiring from a full time teaching career.


I was honoured to win Craft NSW emerging artist award in 2015, with a wrap titled Tongariro, which spring-boarded me into felting with a passion.


In 2018 I challenged myself to create a piece for the Mandurah Wearable Art Competition (WAM)   I was a showcase finalist and it was a thrill to see my garment on stage. Also, in 2018 I was part of a collaborative exhibition entitled Nature Nurturing at the Braemar Gallery in Springwood; the environment was a focus of my artwork which translated into on-land and below-water theme which inviting viewers to have empathy for nature.


With felting I appreciate the ecological sustainable method of taking fibre and transforming it into imaginative objects which can be both functional and fanciful. My techniques include shibori and nuno felting. Hand stitching allows me to further express this personal connection.


I am the founder of Blue Mountains Felters


Reflecting on a tradition where a tree is planted to celebrate the birth of a child, with the belief that as the tree grows tall and strong, so too will the child.


Fruit trees were planted for my own children and in particular a fig tree (Ficus Carica). This tree is particularly fascinating because the flowers are hidden within the fruit. In this installation flora and human form are morphed to create a cornucopia of fertility, growth and abundance.