Flora Sensa | Heather Dunn
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Heather Dunn

Heather Dunn is a visual artist working in the greater Blue Mountains area, living near Oberon. Textiles are central to her practice with drawing, painting and printmaking supporting the resolution of works using fibres.


A large part of her work is the process of textiles. For example: the thousands of decisions that make up a tapestry weaving, where an image and its support are constructed simultaneously. Her recent work is in woven tapestry and mixed media collage. These mediums have been used to explore the timeline of place, and the response to place through natural dyeing, mud dyeing, stitching and tapestry.


Heather has exhibited in curated and commercial exhibitions both locally and interstate with a residency at Hill End a highlight in 2017.  She is a director of an artist run Gallery in Bathurst NSW, and holds a Diploma in Fine Arts (Tapestry) with TAFE, along with continuing education through master classes and workshops.

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Desert Hope

For over 10 years, I have had a connection to the Pilbara through my  husband’s work. Each time I visit Karratha and it’s astonishing landscape, I am drawn to the flora that thrives in this dry tropical land.


The absolute stand out for me is the Sturt Desert Pea (Swainsona Formosa). Its brilliance, resilience, abundance, clarity of hue, continually call me to paint, draw and weave about this flower and its unforgiving environment.


My response to this showy survivor is a series of small woven tapestries inspired from drawings en plein air, showing its colour, its habitat, its lifecycle, its life force.


These tapestries are woven using a cotton warp and wool, silk and mercerised cotton in the weft.