Flora Sensa | Kevina Jo Smith
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Kevina Jo Smith

Kevina-Jo Smith’s art practice is focused on connecting the material world with the imagined, the global with the local. Kevina weaves an intensely personal visual language as a means of addressing social and political issues in an intimate, vulnerable manner.


Kevina has been making work revolved around creating environmental awareness for over ten years now, she is struggling to ride a balance of facts and emotions with the intent to educate and inspire others to become more considerate consumers and custodians of the land.



Love Blooms, Love Dies

Wandering along Gore Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne. Holding hands in the middle of the night many, many years ago, a boy I liked ‘tripped’ me over in the middle of a roundabout covered in flowers and we kissed on the ground, surrounded by tall flower stems. This was the first memory that came to mind when I read the invitation brief to this exhibition. It was an extraordinarily romantic, short-lived romance.


I decided to employ the use of natural materials for this piece, weaving fresh flowers into place where they slowly dried into position playfully as a wheel of  memories.


Flowers for this project were kindly donated by thelittleflowershop.com.au