Flora Sensa | Pam de Groot
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Pam de Groot

After originally working as a studio potter, Pam has now worked in the field of Fibre and Textile art for almost 18 years, creating wearables, accessories and more recently sculpture.  In this time she has explored new approaches to using felt, fibre, dyeing techniques and colour. She particularly pushes the boundaries of what is possible within felt making to reach new innovations in this ever growing field of textiles. 


Pam’s work is informed by the natural world, its shapes, colours and the materials under her hands.


“I hope to excite the viewer with the possibilities and mysteries of this craft.”



Love is in the Air

This pollen is from Lillium Aratum or Golden Rayed Lilly.


Lillies have held emotional significance for thousands of years. Used at weddings and also at funerals the Lilly is a symbol of both death and new beginnings. Renewal.


Pollen goes unnoticed by most of us unless it’s spring and we suffer from hay fever. Pollen is able to travel far from home in order to play out its courtship. Pollen is the male part in the relationship. Many pollen are released as not all will find a mate. This piece is about hope and flying off into the unknown. Believing that love is in the air.