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Rachaeldaisy has become synonymous with bold, colourful, eye popping quilts. and it’s no wonder after 20 years of being a florist experimenting and mastering colour and form.


Whilst honouring the tradition of quilting she continues to find fresh ways and new techniques to interpret conventional designs. Her use of 3D elements such as folded fabric and gathering techniques, mix of fabrics such as cotton, linen, wool felt, denim result in beautiful and unique textured work.


Rachaeldaisy’s fresh interpretation of the art of quilting has seen her quilts awarded many prizes including: Best in Show at both the 2015 and 2016 Australian Modern Quilt Show; Best in Show & Best in NSW at the 2016 Sydney Quilt Show; Most Innovative at 2017 Dare to Differ Contemporary Textiles Exhibition; 2017 Best Use of Colour Sydney Quilt Show; and in 2018 a 2nd place in Alternative Techniques at the Houston Quilt Show. Rachaeldaisy’s quilts have been exhibited in quilt shows and art galleries and featured in many publications both nationally and internationally.


In addition to making quilts for quilt shows and exhibitions Rachaeldaisy teaches her techniques and quilt style in classes and workshops around Australia.


Facebook: RachaeldaisyBlueMountainDaisy


The Snake and the Waratah

One day I was walking along my favourite bush path. I came around a corner and there was a snake! My first ever sighting of a snake in the wild! Not just a snake but a venomous red belly black snake. My heart raced but I calmly stood until finally the snake uncurled and slithered away. I ignored my fear
and the urge to race home and with a deep breath I continued walking.


A little further down the path, around a corner, I spied a bright red Waratah!
My first ever sighting of a Waratah in the wild! Its impact was as strong as the snake’s presence but this time for joy. To see such majestic beauty was a precious reward for continuing to walk and not giving in to fear.