Flora Sensa | R.R. Pascoe
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R.R. Pascoe

R.R. Pascoe is an award winning artist and designer. Largely self taught, she is best known for her wearable artworks utilising found objects and waste materials which she has been creating for over two decades. Her use of reclaimed and sustainable materials in traditionally luxury, high-end products aims to draw attention to the ecological and humanitarian impacts of the fashion industry, to question ideas of conventional beauty, notions of obsolescence, and explore the commodification of self and identity.


Her other main areas of work are portrait photography and photomontage. Her work has featured in exhibitions in the US, UK, Europe and Asia, as well as throughout Australia and NZ, and is held in both private and public collections including the permanent historical collection of the National WOW (World of Wearable Art) Museum, NZ.



Rose by ANY OTHER Name

While always being the first to own up to being a thorny perennial who’s prone to disease; a chemically intolerant childhood, plagued by obligatory annual bequests of cheap, “rose” scented, migraine inducing knickknacks (draw liners, candles, potpourri, et al), paired with an utter disownment of all things commonly rose associated (prettiness, fragility, romance…gross) has resulted in such a deep and profound loathing for her designation, that this artist has literally become Rose, by ANY other name.